Having difficulties deciding on when is the best time to book your wedding car? Well, below we’ve shared with you details on when to book your wedding car so you can get that one-of-a-kind wedding entrance. 

For many, arriving at their wedding venue in style is very important. For this to happen however there is a need for careful planning. One of the first things you need to do when doing your planning is deciding on when to book your wedding car.

That said the decision on when to book or even which wedding car to go for must involve both the groom and bride. Why? Well, in most cases, you’ll find that both the bride and groom have different preferences. One might prefer a more relaxed ride with assistance while the other might prefer a classic or vintage wedding car. Being able to sit together and decide which wedding car to go for helps guarantee everyone will be happy with their wedding transportation.

So when should you start looking at weddings cars and even compare prices? In other words, when should you book your wedding car? Below is everything you need to know.

When Should You Consider Booking A Wedding Car

Before even deciding on when to book your wedding car, you should start by considering whether it’s something you want. There are several things that can help you with this. For starters, the type of wedding you want to have.

If you are going to have a wedding where you’ll be arriving at the venue then staying there all day long, you should really consider whether booking a wedding car(s) is ideal for you. This is more-so true if you have a tight wedding budget. Why is this so? Well, in such a scenario the value of hiring a wedding car outweighs its usage and most importantly cost value. This is more so true if you are to also pay for a personal driver.

On the other hand, if your wedding day involves several trips to and from the wedding the venue, booking a wedding car(s) is very beneficial. Not only will this give your wedding day that extra special touch but will also make movement easier. Furthermore, you can opt to go for vintage or classic wedding cars to make the moment even more precious by taking lovely photos. 

When To Book

With booking wedding cars, you want to start searching for the ideal car preferably six months before the big day. This way, you’ll be able to settle on not just the perfect car for your wedding but also one that matches the test of both the bride and groom. Furthermore, you’ll be able to compare the prices of the wedding cars you’ve liked.

While six months is a preferred duration when it comes to booking wedding car(s), you can opt to stretch it a bit by having it on your to-do list five or four months before the wedding. Some even start making necessary arrangements three months prior to the wedding. This however is not advised as it is bound to put you into more pressure.

Wedding Car Hire Options

Now that you are aware of when is the best time to book your wedding car, it is important you know about wedding car options. That said, there are four options readily available to you. These four are;

  • Modern Bridal Wedding Cars
  • American Wedding Cars
  • Classic Vintage Wedding Cars
  • Stretch Limousine Wedding Cars

Modern Bridal

When thinking of this type of cars, think of cars that are not more than 20 years old. They typically include a variety of cars including sporty models and traditional elegant cars. Regardless of the one you go with, you are sure to have a luxuriously smooth ride.

It’s good to point out however, that Modern bridal wedding cars are ideal for long journeys. The same also goes for brides or grooms who prefer comfort more than classic or vintage cars. Typical cars in this category include an Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and much more.   


If you are going with a wedding that’s stately lavish and probably hosted in a modern venue then these cars are perfect. They help in adding to the overall look and appeal of the wedding. With these types of cars, it is important that you book them early, very early. The six month period is ideal.

But why is this? Well, they are very rare and also in high demand so you can expect someone to be booking them at this very moment. Examples of these rare finds include Pontiac, Cadillac and a Mustang.

Classic or Vintage

If you would like to have a fairy-style entry during your wedding, these cars are a go-to. These iconic cars boast an array of elegant styles sure to spice up any wedding. A signature vintage or classic wedding car in any given wedding is usually a vintage Jaguar. It offers both style and comfort at high extremes. It is good to point out that all classic and vintage cars are not cheap. They are very costly so expect to pay a good amount of money to book one. 


When booking a wedding car, always go for one that best compliments your wedding theme and venue. Factor your personal and you’re soon to be partner’s style and you are sure to have the ideal car(s) for your wedding.

If you want to start off on the right foot with booking your wedding car, suggest getting in touch with Classic Bridal Cars They’ll give you much-needed assistance and advice on how to go about booking the right wedding car. You can contact by dialling (02) 9679 9260  or 0419 554 332. There is also an option of contacting them via email using info@classicbridalcars.com.au