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What to look for in car and wedding limousine hire in Sydney

With years of experience in the industry and a passion for the best service in wedding limousine hire in Sydney, we know the key to finding the perfect classic bridal cars in Sydney with minimal effort. Before you book any wedding limousines in Sydney, ensure you have followed the 3 key steps outlined below.

Step 1 for successful car & limousine hire in Sydney: Personally Inspect All Wedding Cars

Don’t risk it. Take a little time and let your feet do the walking and personally inspect all of the actual wedding cars that may be used on your wedding day. You will also be able to “try them on for size” to determine how easy/difficult they might be when entering/exiting them. Then ask how can you be guaranteed that these wedding cars will be the ones that turn up for your wedding.

Step 2 for successful car & limousine hire in Sydney: Act Sooner Rather Than Later.

If you want to book the best bridal cars, then you should start looking now. The reason for this is that in NSW there are approximately 35,000 weddings performed each year. The problem is that there are only approximately 600 licensed wedding cars to fill the demand. As a result many couples miss out on the best cars. This is particularly the case when you are looking for wedding cars that have unique characteristics or are in short supply, such as classic bridal cars.

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Classic Bridal Cars genuinely showed interest in what was best for us. Right from the word go the service was outstanding. I could not of asked for anything better because there isn’t any

– John and Melanie 10/06

Step 3 for successful vintage car hire in Sydney: Ask for References and Testimonials

Budget considerations for vintage car hire in SydneyAny reputable wedding car hirer will have references which will validate and verify the promises made by the hirer. (Yes, we have written testimonials from our past customers for you to view. I also have been finalists in the Hills Shire Small Business Awards for 11 years, and rate as Highly Recommended in the Australian Achiever Awards the the last 8 years along with a Special Commendation in 2007, and have been finalists in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards for 11 years).

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If the Bridal Car Service is Cheap, There Must Be Something Wrong.

Think about it. A quality motor vehicle costs a lot to maintain. This is particularly the case with classic motor vehicles. If a bridal car company is offering their wedding cars for a low price, then it stands to reason that they will not have the margin to maintain there vehicles at a high standard. If that is the case, then anything could (and sometimes does) go wrong.

Questions to Ask when hiring wedding limousines and classic bridal cars in Sydney

  • What Happens If The Wedding Cars Break Down?
    This question is extremely relevant, and as we have discussed previously, the issue of spare cars is not the right solution. That’s why we spend a fortune restoring & maintaining our bridal cars. Their beauty is not only skin deep. Sure, our cars look great, but fastidious attention to detail when it comes to the mechanical condition of our bridal cars is of paramount importance.

  • How Long Have They Been Trading?
    Here today, gone tomorrow could be an apt description of many businesses. Wedding cars are largely somewhat of a part-time cottage industry: sometimes it seems that anyone with a car wants to set up as a wedding car operator. Unfortunately reality sets in soon enough – eventually they run out of money and close their doors. When that happens people are going to get hurt. So when you choose a wedding car service look for longevity. You’ll be pleased to know I have been in the industry now for more than 20 years and run a very successful business.

  • How Experienced Are They With Weddings?
    I am the wedding car specialist. I know about all the little things that can be the difference between making your day an outstanding success or a dismal failure. Another point to consider: I am a full time operator, but still a family business. I mention this because many bridal car operators are part-time hobbyists and have less to lose. They haven’t made the ultimate commitment. On the other hand I have made the commitment. To say I am very motivated to ensure your experience with us is ‘just perfect’ is an understatement. My future is dependent on it.
  • How Reliable Are They?
    By all means, check out other bridal car companies. But make sure they are reliable and will keep their promises. Ask to see their references from happy customers. Have a look at their wedding cars. Are they in pristine condition? If the bridal cars haven’t been well maintained then you could experience a problem on the day. Ask if they are full time operators (a good way to tell is to ask if you can inspect their vehicles on week days).

After all, you haven’t booked your reception with a part time reception house, or bought your dress from a hobbyist. So why jeopardise your wedding day by engaging cheap or dubious bridal car operators?

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