Weddings are incomplete without traditions. Plenty of customs are associated with weddings and following these is a matter of personal choice. As is with other wedding traditions, wedding cars too have some traditions. 

These means of wedding day transport became common only in the latter half of the twentieth century, so most of the customs associated today have evolved from the earlier customs. While some couples like to follow these traditions, there are others unaware of them. 

This article aims to educate these people about the wedding car traditions they should know before the big day, we will discuss:

  • Use of Lavish Cars
  • Usher
  • Groom
  • The Bride’s Mother
  • The Bride
  • Other Wedding Day Traditions

Use of Lavish Cars

In Britain and other European countries, people hire luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and Limousine to move the bride and her father to the ceremony, registry office or the newlyweds to the reception ceremony. 

Moving To the Wedding Venue

Usher first 

For those who don’t know, the usher is the person who conducts a wedding. He is the first person to arrive at the venue 

Groom is Next

The groom arrives next at the wedding location with his best man. They may or may not use a wedding car

The guests then start coming.

The Bride’s Mother follows the Guests

The mother of the bride travels in the next car. Customary, she should move with the bridesmaids.  

The Last is the Bride 

Traditionally, the bride leaves for the ceremony with her father or the individual who will give her away to the groom and they both travel in the same car.

Wedding Car Traditions after the Wedding

The Newly Weds Leave Together

After the wedding ceremony, the Bride and the Groom move together in a car to their reception destination. 

The Bridesmaids travel in the same car they had arrived in for the reception venue. 

Others Travel On their Own

The bridal party, including the parents, should make alternate plans to travel to that location. These may have to look beyond cars.

The bridal party except the newlyweds should reach the reception venue before these two. Reception of the guests by the parents and the newlyweds follows next. 

Wedding Car Traditions World Over

Shoes at the Back of the Car

The most popular of the wedding car traditions was to tie old shoes to the back of the car. Leather was also sometimes used to ward off the evil spirits and keep the newlyweds safe. The tradition followed next was to tie tin cans to the cars; however, today, no one likes the noise. 

Wedding Car Decoration

Generally, a white V-shaped ribbon tied to the hood of the car signifies the beginning of married life. There are rosettes on the door handle. 

Driver Blows Horn

After the wedding, the driver blows the horn to draw attention to the wedding party. It is prevalent in Europe and many other parts of the world. 

Anymore Traditions You Can Think Of?

It feels good to see traditions honoured. However, a combination of both traditional and modern ways is implemented by most of the couples, nowadays.

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