As with many significant events in life, weddings, in general, have a number of traditions and etiquettes. One such example is a wedding car tradition. This post gets to explain this particular tradition, wedding car tradition, and advice on how best to handle such tradition and etiquette.  

When one thinks of wedding cars, in general, a lot tend to come in mind at first. From decorations to the time it should be arriving at the wedding venue or wedding reception and so on. What many fail to look into however is wedding car tradition and etiquette. Like the wedding itself, there are certain wedding car tradition and etiquettes in place. These traditions, as some of you can only imagine, are very wild and far-fetched.

For instance, back in the day, many couples insisted on having wedding cars with leather seats. Why is this you ask? Well, it was believed that the leather seats helped scare away evil spirits. In other words, it helped keep the couple safe during their big day. There was also the act of throwing shoes at a wedding car. This symbolized the transfer of authority. Interestingly enough this is still there, the only difference is that today, instead of throwing shoes they are tied in the back of a wedding car. The use of tins also symbolizes the same thing.  

While there are many wedding car traditions, this post highlights something that many couples tend to ask about. What it is? Well, travel arrangements. In other words who gets to travel with who during the big day.

Who Travels With Who During The Big Day?

This is a very common question when it comes to wedding cars. Many couples want to know how to properly arrange for their wedding transport. While the decision today totally comes down to the bride and groom, you can opt to get inspired by the wedding car tradition. So going with a previous wedding car tradition, who travels with who? Well, the answer to this depends on those that attend the wedding. If the father of the bride will in attendance, then he will travel together with the bride in the bridal car. In the event that the father of the bride is not present, then the person giving the bride away, it can be a family member or guardian, is the one to travel with the bride in the bridal car.

The mother of the bride if present during the wedding will travel together with the bridesmaid and flower girls. The groom, on the other hand, will be with his best man in the same car. They are to arrive early at the wedding venue so as to usher in guests as well as greet them. Given that they’ll be arriving early, the groom can opt to have the ushers to travel together with him in the same car or a different second car that’ll follow them closely behind. What about the parents of the groom you ask? Well, normally, the parents of the groom arrange for their own transportation to the wedding venue.

Key Take-Aways

To some it all up, below is a general guide as to who travels with who;

  • The Bride Gets To Travel With Whoever Is Giving Her Away
  • The Mother of The Bride Travels Together With Bridesmaid & Flower Girls
  • The Groom & The Best Man Travel Together (This Can Also Include Ushers)
  • The Grooms Parents Find Their Own Way To The Wedding Venue


Here at Classic Bridal Cars, we understand that some of these formalities may not suit every couple. As such, we are open to working together with a couple to ensure they get the very best in wedding transportation during their big day. Therefore, if you would like an ideal wedding transport for your wedding, whether you plan on following traditions or not, do get in touch with a Classic Bridal Cars representative. He or she will advise you on how best to go about arranging for your wedding transportation.

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