Are you planning on hiring a wedding car for your wedding? Better yet, don’t know what questions to ask a wedding car hire Service Company before hiring their car? Well, you are in luck as this post gets to highlight common wedding car questions. 

For many people, planning for a wedding is a totally new experience. Without the right help, you might end up making the wrong choices and decisions. Taking this into consideration we here at Classic Bridal Cars have decided to offer you a little help. How you ask? Well, by sharing with you common wedding car questions. So without any further ado let’s get straight to it.

Question Number #1: What Type of Wedding Transport Do I Need?

The first question you ought to ask yourself when thinking of wedding car questions is what type of transport are you after. This question is very important as it’ll help you narrow down on the type of wedding cars you want. That said the best way to answer this question is focusing on the wedding theme and style. If your wedding style or theme is classic then ideal wedding cars include classic and vintage Bentleys, Daimlers and even Rolls Royce. For a more modern wedding look, modern wedding cars like BMWs, Mercedes, and Range Rovers are perfect.  

Question Number #2: When Should I Book My Wedding Transport?

Now that you know the type of wedding transport you need the next question many ask is when I should book for it. So when should you book for your wedding transport? The answer to this question is very simple; see to it that you book your wedding transport as early as possible. In fact, it is best to book at your earliest.

It is important to do this because some wedding cars in certain countries, for instance, Australia, are booked a year or more in advance. By booking early you are increasing the chances of you actually getting the wedding car you want when you want it. Furthermore, booking early gives you the opportunity to select from a wide range of wedding cars.

Question Number #3: What’s The Wedding Transport For My Guests?

If you are planning for wedding transport it is very important that you think about your guests. In particular, you want to get wedding transport that’ll be perfect for your guests. One such wedding transport that is perfect for your wedding guests is a wedding bus. This is more so ideal if your wedding ceremony is far from where you plan on holding the wedding reception.

Furthermore, the wedding bus is sure to accommodate a large number of wedding guests. Therefore, you can relax knowing that no matter how big the guest list is they’ll be able to commute easily back and forth during your wedding day. Even if the list of guests is extra-large, you can organize a few trips to ensure everyone is where they ought to be at the right time.      

Question Number #4: How Many Wedding Cars Should I Hire?

Another common wedding car questions is the number of wedding cars. In particular, how many wedding cars should I hire? In most cases, couples go for one car. This is the wedding car that’ll be used to transport the bride to the wedding venue. In addition, it’ll be used to transport both the bride and groom to the reception area or where they plan to take photos. In some cases, you’ll find couples going for three cars. One transports the bride to the wedding venue. The second one transports the groom at the wedding venue. While the third one is used by the photographer filming the bride as she is driven to the wedding venue. The third car can alternatively be used by bridesmaid or Mother of the bride. This car will slowly follow the bride as she travels to the wedding venue.

Question Number #5: How Many Guests Will I Be Able To Transport In One Car?

This is another common wedding car questions. Couples want to know the number of people that can comfortably seat inside a wedding car. That said the number of guests a wedding car can transport comes down to the car itself. Some wedding cars can easily seat four guests comfortably while others can only seat two.

If you opt for a limousine, the number of guests who it can comfortably seat also increases. The same also goes for wedding buses. For buses, a typical wedding bus will comfortably seat around 60+ guests. Here at Classic Bridal Cars, we have a variety of wedding cars that can seat from two t for guests very comfortably. Simply get in touch with one of our representatives who’ll advise you accordingly.

Question Number #6: What Time Should The Car Arrive At The Wedding Venue?

This is arguably top of the list when it comes to important wedding car questions. I am sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is to arrive on time at your wedding venue. As such, always see to it that your wedding car comes to pick you up half an hour early. This gives you ample time to arrive at your wedding venue. Even if there is some traffic you’ll still be able to make it on time thanks to the early start you had. While half an hour is an ideal time, keep in mind that it is best for the bride to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier.

Question Number #7:  Can I Cancel My Wedding Transport?

The answer to this question totally depends on the wedding car hire service company you are in business with. Some companies allow for quick and easy cancellation while others don’t. As such, it is important that you check the cancellation policy before moving on to book a wedding car. Do note as well that some companies don’t refund deposits in the event you cancel their wedding car service.

Others, on the other hand, will charge you a large portion of the total cost if you were to cancel. All in all, always see to it that you put a cancel request early as well. The earlier you place your request the better. One way you can go about protecting yourself here as a bride or groom is taking up wedding insurance.

Question Number #8: How To Decorate A Wedding Car?

A post about common wedding car questions cannot be complete without touching on wedding car decorations. Many couples want to know how best they can decorate their wedding car. As a result, this is a very common question when it comes to matters of hiring wedding cars. The best advice you can get when it comes to decorating is keeping things simple. For starters, have only one or two decorations. Furthermore, see to it that the ribbons or flowers you use perfectly match your wedding theme.


There you have it, common wedding car questions. For additional questions not listed here do get in touch with Classic Bridal Cars. You can do this by dialing (02) 9679 9260. You can as well send an email to the following email address