Couples want their wedding day to go off smoothly, and cars play a vital role in this. Therefore, it is essential to devote ample time to choosing a wedding car. Your devotion will ensure that everyone from the bride and the groom to the last guest arrives comfortably and in style. 

All ideal weddings have a checklist. You too must have prepared one; it’s time to tick off a few things from the quick list concerned with the wedding transport. 

Type of Wedding Transport

What would you like to travel in on your wedding day – A vintage car, a new car such as Mercedes, a retro car or something else? 

While everyone has a different taste,  you can match your wedding car to your wedding theme. Matching colour is worth considering. 

Number of Cars

Though it depends on the number of people in the wedding party, many couples choose to book only one or two wedding cars. It saves money. Other members can move in a taxi or a double Decker bus. 

Expenditure on Wedding Cars

When looking to save money on a wedding car, you can consider a luxury or a fancy car owned by a relative or a friend. It would help you save money on car hire. To top it all, they might turn your chauffeur as well. 

Discount If Possible

When you plan to hire more than one car from the wedding car company, it is advisable to ask them about the discount they can provide you. Do this before booking the vehicle.

Getting quotes from a few other wedding car companies will help you decide whether the one you have picked is ideal in terms of saving money. 

Number of Car Seats

Check the number of seats when booking a wedding car. So, though the limousine you want on the d-day has 16 seats and can fit in the entire bridal party, but the vintage car selected by your groom has only two seats. 

Sometimes, adjustments are needed.

Bus or Coach for Guests, what’s better?

It applies to a wedding venue located a little afar while the guests are put up at the reception venue. You can also consider hiring a coach or bus when there is not sufficient parking available at the place. 

The Travel Partners

Traditionally, the groom moves with his best man, the bride with her father and the bride’s mother with all the bridesmaids. However, it is your wedding, and you can always decide who travels with whom.

The Arrival Time of the Car

The usher/ushers are the first ones to travel to the wedding ceremony. The guests follow this. The others arrive in the following order:

  • The groom with his best man
  • The mother of the brides and the bridesmaids 
  • The bride along with her father

Finally, the bride leaves the reception venue with her groom. The bridal party and the guests then follow the two 

Wedding Car Booking Cancellation

Get all the booking related details in writing. It should include the wedding date, time and the cost. Don’t forget to check the most crucial aspect – the cancellation policy. Enquire whether or not your wedding insurance will cover it. 

After ticking off these from the checklist, you can move ahead with other important wedding day preparations. 

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