Nothing beats an impressive wedding entry than doing it in a classic wedding car! The classic wedding wheels add a perfect dash of splendor, style, and elegance to your wedding. 

They are smaller than the modern cars, and are ideal to meet your ‘entry and exit’ needs. 

What else? Small ornamentation on them like red ribbon, fresh flowers, confetti, sparkle, and more on it also enhances your wedding photography.

So, are you wondering about how to choose a classic wedding car? Here is a perfect guide that you can consider:

Choose the Right Car Company

When choosing a wedding car company, check reviews and testimonials to ensure their reputation. It’s always a good idea to find a company that will understand your needs and provides you with the best. 

To avoid any surprises, check if the company offers any backups or not. The best companies will offer a welcome package and go extra mile to make sure your big day has a perfect ride.

Check Availability and Book Ahead 

If you have any idea in your mind about the type of car, colour and style, check availability for same. Book as soon as possible, when you find wedding car of your choice. There is possibility that someone whose wedding date matches with you may book the same car.  

Colour and Theme

Choosing the colour of your car is another important consideration. When picking a classic wedding car, make sure its color and theme reflect yours and your partner’s personality.  Ensure that your wedding dress fits properly in the wedding car. But, if you already have some car in your mind for the wedding day, then pick the wedding dress accordingly. 

Also to Keep in Mind 

  • Ask the wedding car company about any extra charges. Inquire if the company offers you any decorations for car within the charges or not.
  • Check the heating and air condition of selected car properly.
  • Ask the company about the backup plans in case of any break down with your booked car on the day of the wedding.
  • Inquire regarding the maintenance charges.
  • Ask wedding car company about the details of car insurance. 
  • Before finalizing the booking, take a test drive of the car to ensure the comfort and interior of your transport.

When your big day comes everything must be perfect, from the cake to your dress and the photography. However, for the car enthusiasts, one thing that matters is how you make your grand entry and exit.  

Keep in mind the aforesaid points for picking the right wedding car for your big day. Many people overlook the impact of classic car and end up regretting it. 

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