If you are planning on having a wedding, chances are high that you’ll need a car on your special day. With recent trend, classic, modern or vintage, cars are playing a big part in just about every wedding. In fact, many couples, when planning for their special day, ensure that they have in place the best cars for their wedding day. Working to their advantage is the number of different cars available in the market.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you a list of the most popular Sydney wedding cars. It’s our hope that after going through details shared below you’ll find it easy to settle on an ideal vintage wedding cars for your special day. Without further ado, here are the most popular Sydney wedding cars

Classic Rolls Royce

Introduce a couple looking for classic wedding cars to a showroom and they’re sure to pick a classic Rolls Royce. In fact, here at Classic Bridal Cars, our classic Rolls Royce is a popular car hire for many visiting our showroom. It is actually one of the cars our clients opt to book first.

There are several reasons why this car ranks top among popular Sydney wedding cars. For starters, this particular car oozes class and sophistication. Additionally, they make for perfect photos. Simply step out of the car position it and yourself at a right angle and you are good to go.

Classic/Vintage Mercedes Benz

Very few cars currently in the market are as comfortable in the back seat as a Mercedes Benz. This is something that has been showcased in just about every car they’ve come up with to date. Other than comfort, they also offer a sense of class and style. With classic or vintage Mercedes Benz, you get an extra touch of sophistication. Given this fact, many couples in Sydney opt to settle with a classic Mercedes Benz as their wedding car of choice. It’s good to point out however that this trend with classic Mercedes Benz is when is picking up. One of the main reasons why this is so is the fact that they are a bit different.

Classic Bentleys

Classic Bentleys are another bunch of popular cars receiving lots of attention at wedding car hire companies in Sydney. They boast being the ultimate Sydney wedding cars for his and hers and for good reason. No one would mind turning up for their special occasion, or leave from it, in a classic Bentley. This is more so true with the groom. Even better, a good number of classic Bentleys currently in Sydney’s wedding car hire service are very spacious. This means that they all have a nice spacious backseat. This is sure to give the happy couple extra room to relax and move about.


Also featured in this list of popular Sydney wedding cars are Jaguars. There are several reasons why couples all across Sydney Australia choose Jaguars as their car of choice. They have a very distinct unique look. When you hire a Jaguar for your special event, best believe that you’ll turn heads to and from your wedding venue. Additionally, they look exceptionally great in wedding photos just like a Rolls Royce.

There you have it, popular Sydney wedding cars you should definitely try out. With wedding car hire services, the best way to go about it is visiting showrooms in person. This is something you can easily do by arranging an appointment with a Sydney weddings car hire company. Many couples find it easy to choose the ideal car while looking at them up close.

A plus with visiting showrooms is that you’ll be able to sit inside vintage wedding cars before making a decision. You can get to judge first hand if they are comfortable or spacious enough. You can as well determine if they’re worth the money being asked for.

If you would like to jump in on this trend and hire any of the wedding cars listed for your special day, feel free to contact us. You can do this over the phone by dialling (02) 9679 9260. You can as well contact us via email by sending your emails to info@classicbridalcars.com.au.