Planning tips

Planning Tips

It is extremely important not to try to squash too much into the timetable. Extra time must be allowed for getting into cars, traveling at the posted speed limits, that one extra photo that turns into many photos, and many other little things that can cause delays.

Planning The Timetable

A good idea is to plan your arrival at the church for 5 minutes before the scheduled service time. By the time the cars have been parked, photos taken of everyone getting out of the cars one by one, the dress arranged, the nerves settled, lined up at the end of the aisle, then it will be 5 minutes past the start time before you know it. So at 5 minutes before your service you have arrived and made the minister very happy, and at 5 minutes past you have satisfied the belief that brides are supposed to be late!!!

A few extra tips for the day:


Do have something light to eat on the day. A sandwich is a good idea, as it can be eaten on the run. By not eating anything, then swallowing a few glasses of champagne after the church you will most likely become very light-headed or worse. It is a good idea to include some water with your stock of champagne. The bridal party is always very thirsty after the service, and when traveling in the cars.

8pg1 - Planning tipsTry to avoid the chicken and champagne lunch or large quantities of liquids as the first thing you will want to do when you get to the church is go to the ladies room, which is not always possible!

Be wary of indulging in greasy nibbles during the photos as you are likely to get your fingers messy with nowhere to wash your hands. In addition, the time spent enjoying your nibbles could be costing you dearly in photographic time, and unnecessary car hire.

Photo Locations

Choose photographic locations that are a practical distance from the service and reception. A convoy of cars takes longer to get somewhere and keep in mind any parking difficulties or long walks because the cars do not have close access.

Permits: It is wise to check with the local council as many parks and public areas now require a Photographic Permit to take photos. Council inspectors rigorously patrol many areas, and the fines for not having a permit can be substantial, and you may even be directected to leave immediately!

Children: Even the best behaved small children become very tired and can become uncooperative as the day wears on. Make sure there is someone (preferably not from the bridal party) to look after them!

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