Going for utmost luxury for your wedding day? Are you looking for the very best in style when seeking Sydney wedding car hire services? Well, look no further than the compelling presence of a Jaguar, in particular, classic Jaguar cars. Available in a variety of design, style and class, these classic cars can seat up to four passengers.

Some can even accommodate up to seven passengers if need be. In general, classic Jaguars, when taken up as classic wedding cars, offer the same charm inside as they do outside. Depending on what you are going for on your special day, Jaguars also look great paired with other classic wedding cars.

In this post, we’ll share with you different types of classic Jaguar cars perfect for your special event. To be more specific, we’ll look at the types of Jaguars we offer all our Sydney clients looking for the very best in style and luxury during their special day.

Jaguar – Mark 4 Convertible

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

If you are after a grand and imposing Sydney wedding car hire then this Mark 4 Convertible is perfect for you. This one of a kind convertible comes in a bold silver colour and it’s the only one of its kind in Australia. Furthermore, it is one of the 184 units ever built worldwide. Of importance to note is the key features that make this classic car stand out for any wedding day.

For instance, it boasts a unique convertible design that allows you to use it with the top half up. What this does is only expose the top seats to the sky. In such a scenario, the wind blowing in the back seat is very little. Why is this important? Well, it guarantees that the wind won’t damage your hair or look while driving to and from your wedding venue. A popular combination with many is pairing this Jaguar with a classic Rolls Royce or a Bentley.

Jaguar Mark 1 Convertible

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

If you are a big fan of Jaguar’s Mark 1 then you’ll love this conversion. Not only has it retained its initial charm but also it’s great shape. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy all this when its roof is up. This way, you’ll be able to transport yourself and your wedding party in luxury (that’s if you hire two).

Jaguar Mark 8

(Seats Up To 5 Passengers)

Not up for convertible classic wedding cars during your special occasion? Well, this Mark 8 is a perfect choice as a formal hire. There are several reasons why this is so. For starters, you’ll benefit from its new classic design. Furthermore, it boasts a bench front seat. This makes it possible for 5 passengers to comfortably fit.

Jaguar S Type

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

Another perfect choice when it comes to Sydney wedding car hire is the Jaguar S Type. These classic wedding cars will give your special day endless charm and cuteness. It boasts a versatile design that blends with just about every wedding look, style and design. Even better, it looks superb as a combination with other classic cars.

Jaguar Mark 5 Black/Silver

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

This grand and imposing Mark 5 boasts a unique gloss black/silver finish that perfectly brings out its utmost charm. A plus with this vehicle is that it’s an update of the famous Mark 4. With this update, you get a wedding car with a classier look perfect for weddings or any other special event. Combine it with any of our Rolls Royce to guarantee a spectacular entry for your wedding. Thinking of getting yourself one? Well, it is available in black/silver and two in all silver.

Jaguar Mark 5 Grey/Silver

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

Similar to our Mark 5 Black/Silver wedding vehicle, this Mark 5 version comes in grey/silver colours. It is also an update of the Mark 4 meaning it’s classier rather than sporty. Its colours are perfectly blended to accentuate the true elegance of this classic car. This is something we are sure you’ll love. If you thinking about getting yourself one it is good to note that we have two in all silver and one in grey/silver.

Jaguar Mark 4 Black/Silver

(Seats Up To 4 Passengers)

Similar to the convertible, this Mark 4 black/silver version is the only one of its kind in Sydney. In simpler terms, this stunning vehicle has been recently restored to match current winning standards. What this does is make it a perfect wedding car to provide the right backdrop for all your wedding photos. Features you are sure going to like include its sporty look and practicality of a sedan. We personally love how all the doors open backwards, it gives it a unique style appeal. Furthermore, this makes it very easy for one to alight from them.


Seen a classic Jaguar car you’ll love for your wedding day the next time you are seeking a Sydney wedding car hire service? Give Classic Bridal Cars a call. We do have a wide variety of classic Jaguars perfect for just about any Sydney wedding.

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