For many couples worldwide, Jaguar wedding cars are an ideal choice for wedding transportation. This is especially true when it comes to matters transportation of wedding parties. Key with Jaguar wedding cars is picking one that’ll perfectly suit your needs and style. That said the best way to go about this is seeking wedding car hire services with a vast number of Jaguar wedding cars. Furthermore, they should have a wide variety of Jaguar wedding cars in their fleet. One such wedding car hires service company in Australia is Classic Bridal Cars.

Classic Bridal Cars Australia boasts a wide variety of Jaguar wedding cars one can choose from. In addition, you have the option of going for long wheel based Jaguars that are more spacious making them perfect for transporting a group of people for your wedding. Also of importance to point out with Classic Bridal Cars’ Jaguar wedding cars is the driving. Classic Bridal Cars’ Jaguar wedding cars are driven by chauffeurs who go out of their way to offer the very best in care and attention. This combined with its practicality and look makes Jaguar wedding cars an ideal choice.

Classic Bridal Cars

So what are your options when it comes to Classic Bridal Cars’ Jaguar wedding cars? Well, Classic Bridal Cars have a wide variety of Jaguar wedding cars. These wedding cars are;

  • Mark 4 Black/Silver
  • Mark 4 Silver
  • Mark 5 Grey/Silver
  • Mark 5 Silver
  • Mark 5 Black/Silver
  • S Type
  • Mark 4 Convertible
  • Mark 8
  • Mark 1 Convertible

Jaguar Mark 4 Black/Silver

If you are after something classic or vintage for your wedding then this Jaguar Mark 4 Black/Silver is perfect for you. This particular wedding car boasts a nice sporty look that’ll definitely turn heads on the streets. In terms of capacity, this car comfortably seats 4 passengers. Furthermore, it is very practical. Its highlighting feature is without a doubt the doors that open backwards. The feature makes it easy to alight from and most importantly perfect for car photo sessions.

Jaguar Mark 4 Silver

This Jaguar Mark 4 Silver is another ideal car to opt for during your big day. In fact, this is one of the most popular Jaguar wedding cars Classic Bridal Car offers. So why is it a go-to for just about every couple who visits Classic Bridal Cars? Well, it’s looks and practicality. This Mark 4 Silver Jaguar has a very nice sporty look and is very practical. Similar to Black/Silver Mark 4, this one also boats doors that open backwards. These two traits make this Jaguar easy for one to alight from and also perfect for car shots.

Jaguar Mark 5 Grey/Silver, Silver & Black/Silver

An update to the Mark 4, this particular Jaguar wedding car is perfect for those going for class during their wedding. In terms of capacity, these two Jaguars comfortably seats 4 passengers. Style-wise, these two offer the very best when it comes to class. The grey/silver and black/silver combination also work to add to their charm. They are a perfect alternative to the Mark 4 which is sportier. 

Jaguar S Type

If you are after something cute when looking at Jaguar wedding cars then look no further than the Jaguar S Type. This particular wedding car is very versatile and looks just so good. Capacity wise, this Jaguar wedding car comfortably seats 4 passengers. Currently, Classic Bridal Cars have three available giving the option to hire all three. Hiring all three is sure to ass some flare to your wedding.

Jaguar Mark 4 Convertible

If you are after something unique for your wedding transportation then this Mark 4 convertible is perfect. Why is this? Well, for starters it is 1 of 184 ever built. In addition, it is the only silver Mark 4 convertible available in the whole of Australia. Another feature that makes this convertible stand out is the ability to use it with the top half up. This makes it possible for you to take in a little breeze without ruining anything during your drive to and from the wedding venue. Capacity wise, this Jaguar wedding car comfortably seats 4 passengers.

Jaguar Mark 8 & Mark 1 Convertible

Finishing the Jaguar wedding cars, Classic Bridal Cars have is these two, the Mark 8 and Mark 1 convertible. You can think of the Jaguar Mark 8 as the new Jaguar Mark 5. It boasts everything the Jaguar Mark 5 does but has an updated styling. In other words, it sports a new classy design that’s perfect for just about every wedding. It easily seats 5 passengers.

The Jaguar Mark 1 convertible, on the other hand, is a perfect convertible to have for your wedding. Boasting just about all the features of an ordinary Jaguar Mark 1, this wedding car sports an incredibly great shape. Even better, it easily maintains this shape with the roof top-up. It is perfect for those looking for that breeze during their big day. Capacity wise, this Mark 1 convertible easily seats 4 passengers comfortably.

If you would like to know more about Jaguar wedding cars by Classic Bridal Cars, do visit the gallery page. To book one of Classic Bridal Cars’ Jaguar wedding cars, contact one of their representatives by dialling (02) 9679 9260. You can also email Classic Bridal Cars using