The royal wedding of Prince Harry with the gorgeous Megan Markel was the biggest event of the year. The stunning prince and the bride in a lovely white Givenchy gown filled billions of heart with love and emotion. 

Once the ceremony was over, the couple changed their dresses to a Chic Stella McCartney and a sharp black suit with a bow tie. The classy couple then took of the reception party at the Frogmore house. However, at this spot, something stole their lamplight. It was their ride, the Jaguar car.
The royal family always had a warm space for land rovers and Jaguar. Even the queen driver is seen driving them occasionally.  So, it was clear that Jaguar will be a part of the wedding, but no one suspected the way it did. They used a classic 1968 Jaguar E-type model for their journey. 

The Specialties Of The Royal Wedding Car

The Jaguar E-type is recognized as the most striking car even by “Enzo Ferrari.” The most amazing part was that it was the first time that someone saw a Jaguar E-type, running on electricity.

Jaguar took the royal wedding as an opportunity to exhibit their electric car technology. The company carefully changed the car into an electronic version, presently known by the name E-type zero. They used the component of I-Pace all-Electric SUV and a lithium-ion battery packet for this car.  They literally proved that the electric vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and for every occasion.  

However, Jaguar took special care of the exterior and looks of their car. They kept the placement of the engine, and the exterior of the E-type Zero model is the same as its parent model. Even the parts like the steering box, brakes, suspension and more are the same. You can say it is providing excellent of both worlds. 

The new car also offered non-polluting usage of up to 170 miles in a single charge. It can go 0-62 in just Six seconds. Plus, you can get it reverted to the base model any time you want. There is no way that anyone at the wedding can resist such beauty.

Why It Gained Popularity?

The ones who attended the wedding were not the only one to praise this car. There were millions of viewers on online sites who noticed the one of a kind Jaguar model. Once the Kinsington Palace revealed that it was a 1968 jaguar, the rush for it started. 

Most of the couples are now looking for something like this car for their special days. It’s very obvious if the royal think that an electric vehicle is perfect for their wedding, why won’t the commoners.

Jaguar’s Future plans

Jaguar, on the other hand, sees a great opportunity to change the trend of wedding cars with its converted models. Jaguar soon announced that it plans on offering electric E-type automobiles, like the one used in the royal wedding, to the public. They also assured that this wouldn’t be the last classic model that got this modification; other Jaguar models will also get this modification in time.

Final Words

No one before the wedding would have thought that an electric car can get such popularity, but it did. Thanks to Jaguar you can also enjoy something like this at your wedding. 

So, do try something different, do try the Jaguar classic car on your special day. 

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