Having trouble settling on an ideal car for your wedding? Well, you can never go wrong with Jaguar wedding cars. Read on to learn more about Jaguar wedding cars. Most importantly why you’ll never go wrong with one.

When it comes to matters planning for a wedding, chances are you’ll probably handle finding an ideal wedding car last. In addition, it is probably the only wedding planning step the groom will be happy to help out with. Having said that settling on that ideal car can prove challenging. This is more so true if you factor in the number of wedding cars available today.    

So how can you go about settling on an ideal car for your wedding? Well, there is one car you can never go wrong with and they are Jaguar wedding cars. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you details about Jaguar wedding cars. In particular, this post will highlight why you can never go wrong with them for your wedding. Furthermore, this post will look at the different types of Jaguar wedding cars Classical Bridal Cars offers. Without further ado let’s get right to it;

Jaguar Wedding Cars

Jaguars, in general, are known for offering the very best when it comes to style, class and sophistication. Whether you are going for a new or vintage Jag you are sure to get these three and more. It’s good to note however that you’ll get the very best in these three with a vintage Jag. Why? Well, their history and craftsmanship offer an unbeaten class and style appeal.

What I am trying to say here is that Jaguar wedding cars will give your wedding the very best of these three. What three, well, style, class and sophistication. Again, it really doesn’t matter the Jag you go for. Both new and vintage Jaguars are sure to deliver on this thanks to their overall design.

Jaguars or Jaguar wedding cars in general spot elegant timeless designs that are perfect for just about any wedding. And it’s not just on the exterior, they also boast the very best when it comes to interior design. In fact, the bride, groom or even wedding party will be at awe when they step inside Jaguar wedding cars.      

In addition to design, Jaguar wedding cars spot unique colours like silver or black and silver. These two colours blend perfectly with just about any wedding theme or style. So if you are on the lookout for a wedding car that’ll perfectly blend in with your wedding theme and style while still offering the best in class and looks both inside and out then there is only one car to go for and they are Jaguar wedding cars.    

Jaguar Wedding Cars Available At Classical Bridal Cars

With some slight details on why you settle on Jaguar wedding cars for your big day let’s look at what you can get at Classical Bridal Cars.

  • Jaguar Mark 4 Silver – if you are after something sporty for you wedding then this Jag should be top on your list. Its wonderful sporty looks combined with its sedan practicality make it an ideal choice for weddings.
  • Jaguar Mark 4 Black/Silver – With this Jaguar, it is good to point out that it boasts features the Mark 4 silver does. However, I’d like to point out that it is one of the easiest cars to alight from. This is attributed to its wonderful doors that open backwards.
  • Jaguar Mark 5 Grey/Silver – This is a very popular car when it comes to weddings together with the Jaguar Mark 5 Silver. A reason for this is its look. Compared to the rest, this Jaguar is classier.
  • Jaguar Mark 5 Silver
  • Jaguar Mark 5 Black/Silver – An update of the Mark 4, this Jaguar wedding car is classier than its predecessor. You can expect it to lend you this class during your big day.
  • Jaguar S Type – If you are after a versatile cute car for your wedding then this Jaguar S Type is the perfect car for you.
  • Jaguar Mark 8 – this particular Jaguar boasts a number of features. One like feature is the new design that boasts a bench front seat.
  • Jaguar Mark 4 Convertible (Silver) – The only Jaguar Mark 4 convertible in silver in all of Australia, you can add a unique touch to your wedding with this Jaguar. Key to note, you can use with its top half up.  
  • Jaguar Mark 1 Convertible – With its original shape this Jaguar offers the very best in all things class and style for your wedding.  


With the vast number of Jaguar wedding cars available in our fleet, we are almost certain that you’ll find an ideal car for your wedding. Whether it’s a certain look, colour or model you are going for, rest assured that you’ll find a unique Jaguar wedding car with Classical Bridal Cars for your wedding. If this is yet to impress you, you’ll be happy to learn that we have chauffeurs in place who’ll be chauffeuring you during your big day. Our chauffeurs are not only experienced but they do strive to offer the very best when it comes to driving you around.

We’ll see to it that we work with your wedding plans including the route you intend on taking, pick up times and even photography sessions just to mention a few just to ensure that everything flows smoothly during your big day.

Get to speak with Classical Bridal Cars today and we’ll help you settle on the right Jaguar for your wedding. You can do this by dialling (02) 9679 9260. There is also an option of sending Classical Bridal Cars an email using info@classicbridalcars.com.au