A classic wedding car makes a royal statement on your big day. It’s an excellent choice for your wedding day transport that will make your day more special and unforgettable. 

But, what if you are low on budget, and still want your dream classic wedding car for your big day?

Here are some effective tips to cut wedding expenses so that you can book your dream classic wedding vehicle:

Send Electronic Invitations

Printed wedding invitation cards cost you a lot. So, instead of sending printed wedding cards, you can send it via e-mail or phone messages. Compose a beautiful wedding invitation using creative words and pictures. 

Plan off-Season Wedding

Plan your wedding in off-season to save you more than in a rush season. During off-season, wedding venue rentals, wedding apparels, caterers, all tend to be cheaper. So, you can save on everything from the wedding venue to your classic wedding car hire. 

Use Artificial Flower Decoration Than Original Blooms

Natural flowers cost you more than artificial one. Using artificial flower decoration on the wedding will cost you less. Also, you can reuse them on any other occasion which saves you a huge amount of money. 

Choose Wedding Menu Carefully

Selecting fewer meals for wedding will help you save bucks. But don’t compromise with the quality. Also, keep drinks to minimum to avoid wastage and offer quality. 

Get a Rented Outfit

Whether you are a bride or groom, the wedding outfit costs a lot. Further, it is of no use after your big day. So, rent your wedding attire rather than buying everything brand new. 


Now when you know how to save money so that you book a dreamy classic wedding car, be ready to amaze your guests with your grand entry. 

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