Thinking of hiring classic wedding cars to get you to and from your wedding venue? Well, you are not alone. Hiring classic or vintage cars for wedding days has gained popularity fast over the years. However, booking or hiring vintage/classic wedding cars Sydney comes with so many questions and fears for many. This post looks to answer questions and fears about booking classic wedding cars in Sydney by sharing with you some valuable advice.

Why Are Classic Wedding Cars Becoming Popular?

Even before settling on/booking a classic car for your special day, it is nice to know why many people love them. One common reason why many tend to go for vintage wedding cars is the experience. Classic cars in general tend to be expensive. This means that many go a lifetime without ever experiencing a ride on a vintage classic car. By booking vintage cars for your wedding day, you will experience the joy of riding in a classic car. Furthermore, you will enjoy the excitement of being driven around in a classic car by one of our friendly drivers.

Others love them for elegance and style. Classic wedding cars in Sydney like the ones Classic Bridal Cars offers oozes style and elegance. Step out from any of our vintage wedding cars wearing your beautiful dress and you are sure to be the centre of attention. This is sure to make your wedding even more memorable.

Will Your Classic Car Come With a Chauffeur?

Unlike other wedding cars, Classic Bridal Cars tend to come with a chauffeur. So if you were to book or hire classic wedding cars in Sydney, expect it to come with a chauffeur. If you were to hire any of our classic cars, you will receive a chauffeur who will do more than just drive you around. You can expect our experts to open and close doors for you; attend to you with a bright happy smile, and in some case offer refreshments.

What’s The Cost of Booking Classic Wedding Cars In Sydney?

One common fear about classic wedding car hire in Sydney is cost. Many believe that hiring classic bridal cars, be it a Rolls Royce, Bentley or even a Jaguar, is very expensive. Although somehow true, there are several wedding car hire companies in Sydney that offer classic wedding cars at pocket friendly prices. One such bridal car company is Classic Bridal Cars. We offer elegance and style with our wide range of classic wedding cars at affordable prices.

What Type of Classic Wedding Cars Are There?

Before booking classic wedding cars in Sydney, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of elegant classic cars available. The key with classic wedding cars hire in Sydney is going for one that best suits your need. Some classic or vintage cars can easily take 4 to 5 passengers while others can only take up two or three. If you settle on classic vintage wedding cars for your special occasion, keep in mind passenger details.

If you want to book classic wedding cars in Sydney, consider speaking to a Classic Bridal Cars representative. You can do this over the phone by dialling Classic Bridal Cars number (02) 9679 9260. If you are using a mobile the phone this Classic Bridal Cars number 0419 554 332 to contact our sales team. You can also email us using Classic Bridal Cars email address