You have likely attended many weddings and seen common traditions in ceremonies. From wearing all white dress to preserving your wedding cake, many surprising wedding traditions have stood the test of time. 

However, did you ever think of the logic behind all these traditions? We break down the most popular ones and how they came about:

The Bride Wears White Dress and a Veil

The dressing of a bride often relates to purity, but in reality, it has nothing to do with it. The trend of wearing white dresses started as a symbol to show your wealth, after Queen Victoria‘s marriage. She was the first one to wear a white dress.

As for the veil, it was a way to ensure that the husband was the first one to see the brides’ face. It was believed that covering her face would prevent her against evil spirits. 

A Couple Cannot Meet Before the Marriage Ceremony

The feeling of missing your better half seems very romantic, but the logic behind it is totally opposite. The idea behind this tradition is to prevent the groom from seeing how his bride looks.

They did it so that the groom cannot run or call off the wedding during arranges marriages.

Bridesmaids Accompany the Bride

The bridesmaids are a way to protect the bride from evil spirits and her exes. It was believed that similar colors and dresses confused the evil spirit as to who is the real bride.  They are like a decoy to secure the bride.

Some believed that the bridesmaids were also a way to prevent exes from seeing the bride and make sure that no one tries to steal the dowry.

Preserving the Wedding Cake for A Year

Preserving your wedding cake for about a year, sound weird for today’s world, but it was quite popular in the 1900s. The past couple saved the top tier of their wedding cake and preserved it for their first child. It was kept for their child’s christening.

If you are wondering why it’s mandatory to cut a cake on the wedding day, well it’s to show that the day of her virginity has ended.

The Final Words

The traditions and ceremony may have bizarre logic, but the motive behind them all is the same. Each of these traditions was to ensure that the couple gets a cheerful start for their new life. It was to make sure that their love lives prosper, and they stay together, always and forever.

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